Room 21®

Room 21® is a customizable, fully-branded platform that matches the “look-and-feel” of your company, group, or cause. Our expertise in a wide variety of social community building and social e-commerce installations will help you define, design, and deploy your social collaboration and social e-commerce strategy.

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My Dream Machine®

An online program that manages and teaches students to: create dream and goals, to set specific benchmarks for their dreams and goals. The online program also provides updates of Dream status and progress. Our School Edition is a private, safe, secure network for students to learn goal setting. Our World Edition is an open network that integrates to Facebook©, Yahoo©, Twitter©, and Google networks.

Read More™™ is an online learning environment designed to address the challenge of integrating project based learning into the classroom.™ brings peers, parents, teachers, and administrators into a group based learning process through collaboration and discussion.

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Custom, Private-Labeled Platforms

Would your organization like to develop a custom platform that provides rich learning experiences for your community? Our Custom Platforms are designed to be customizable and branded to your organization. Here's a great example of an Online Talent Academy. Click Read More to see the site!

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