Super Star Learning Company enriches the lives and learning experiences of any age any type whether in school, in business or in the community, through Technology.

In order to achieve this ideal, Super Star Learning Company has created three distinct Online Social Learning and Collaboration Technology Platforms, designed to directly address the needs of students, and to sustain the teaching and learning of 21st Century Skills.

These technology offerings leverage social learning for success in any classroom, and are used by schools, business, community group, not for profit, and healthcare companies alike.  Super Star’s technology creates the opportunity to learn anytime and any place.

•              Room 21® delivers rich multi-media social learning experiences through video, audio, and mobile technology so that your  learning community becomes engaged with your product, cause, institution, or business.

•              My Dream Machine®, an online program that manages and teaches goal setting – how to create dreams and goals and how to set specific benchmarks to achieve dreams and goals. In addition, My Dream Machine® provides updates of dream status and progress while leveraging the support peers with a built in a closed, secure network accountability setting.

•              ProjectBasedLearning.Com™, designed specifically for education in schools, is fully dedicated to the theme of a project based approach to individual and collaborative learning.

For schools, the Super Star Learning suite of Social Learning Platforms benefit students and teachers by:

•              Supporting professional learning communities that enable educators to collaborate, share best practices, and integrate 21st century   skills, Common Core Standards, and prepare for the upcoming new national assessments.
•              Enabling students to learn in a relevant, real-world 21st century context (through project-based or other applied work)
•              Allowing equitable access to learning tools, technologies and resources
•              Supporting expanded community involvement in learning, both face-to-face and online

For businesses, the Super Star Learning suite of Social Learning and Membership platforms benefits by:

•     Creating unique, rich, and powerful multi-media learning experiences with a company’s product, service, or content.

•      Creating custom fully brand-able learning platforms

•      Fostering the development of a community of members to learn and collaborate toward success with a company’s content.

Our mission for global education:

We believe that anything is possible when we fully commit to making a difference. It is from this core philosophy that we look to develop environments, tools and learning communities that can and will make a difference in learning for all mankind.

Our company values are:

•              Integrity

•              Focus on learning and pedagogy

•              Innovation of new e-learning tools

•              Success through collaboration with peers and learning communities.