Kaback Model Management and Super Star Learning Company Announce Launch of the Kaback Talent Academy for Aspiring Entertainers Worldwide

New Online Talent Academy to provide Social Learning platform for students to interact with superstars, producers and executives in order to achieve their dreams of a career in the entertainment industry.
San Clemente CA – September 24, 2012 – Super Star Learning Company, the leading provider of Social Learning Technology for communities, businesses and education, and Kaback Model Management announced today the formation and launch of the Kaback Talent Academy, the first Online Social Learning website specifically designed for students to learn from and interact live with entertainment executives, producers, writers, superstars, and others to prepare them for their careers in entertainment.

The new Talent Academy will be powered by Super Star Learning Company’s flagship Technology Platform, Room 21®. Room 21® was the first product to offer Online Social Learning and Collaboration Technology for K-12 Education; and has since expanded into a customizable, fully brandable Collaboration and e-Learning Platform designed for Social Commerce.

According to Alycia Kaback, Founder and President of Kaback Model Management, “Room 21® was the logical choice of technology to power our Talent Academy. This concept has been a dream of ours for a long time; and we believe we have finally found the right technology to move forward in helping anyone with a dream of a career in entertainment, to connect and collaborate with the right people. Whether our students want to be models, actors, singers, writers or any other type of entertainers, they will be able to learn from the experts exactly ‘how they did it,’ proving no one’s dream is out of reach.”

Students who register with Kaback Talent Academy will be offered the following benefits:

• Attendance in digital and live workshops (classes) taught by entertainers and key industry insiders. KTA offers hundreds of workshops in all genres of entertainment, giving students the chance to learn directly from those who have succeeded in entertainment.
• The ability to upload and share all forms of digital content such as: portfolio pictures, demo reels, videos, or movies. This content can be instantly viewed by industry insiders.
• Students have the ability to create study groups, collaborative teams and to receive encouragement and feedback from peers and followers.
• Full integration with all forms of social media, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more.

According to John Stippick, CEO of Super Star Learning, “Our work with the top model management company is truly a natural extension of our commitment to using new and innovative technology to advance the dreams of any learner. The new Talent Academy is a shining example of how technology can connect so many different groups of people – anywhere – for a tremendous common goal. While SSLC has been known for its work in education, and while we plan to continue that, we are excited to bring our brand of learning to businesses, communities, individuals – anyone with a dream. We are all students.”

For more information on the Kaback Talent Academy, please visit www.kabacktalentacademy.com.

Interested media and businesses may contact John Zoccola at jzoccola@superstarlearning.com.

Kaback Talent Academy (KTA) offers the tools to connect and teach the keys to success from directors, modeling insiders and music superstars who know what is needed to succeed. Today, guidance to those with a dream or talent is non-existent. KTA has changed that with a simple fun format that is accessible to all.

Super Star Learning Company, founded in 2005, is the world’s leader in social collaboration and community learning experiences for businesses, communities, schools and individuals
The Super Star Learning suite was originally conceived and designed to bring forth a richer, updated learning experience for the 21st century student. While originally intended to be used by school districts across the country, Super Star has extended its Platform into Social Collaboration, E-Commerce & Learning, for businesses – large and small -across the Globe.

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